Coffee Stain
Why did you set up the prize?

Helen Lederer says “I’d finished my comedy novel and looked around rather hopefully for some kind of prize to be eligible for as a comedy female fiction writer and learned there were none. It made sense to harness some of my previous experience as a judge, and now a new writer, to enable such a prize for the future... even if I’m not eligible... ever...”

Why are the Awards only open to women?

Where prizes are scarce in comedy, and even more so for women, we are narrowing the gap by celebrating funny female talent. The CWIP prize is an exciting addition to a landscape of excellent literary prizes. Comedy writing is a powerful tool for communication, persuasion, and empowerment, yet comedy writing by women is under acknowledged and appreciated; CWIP is setting out to address this omission.

Who will judge the prize?

With a six-strong judging panel, we will bring together some of the brightest, most respected and funny minds in comedy, writing and the media – both women and men, from broadsheet to blog.

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